We vision the power of rural communities to participate in community-driven development processes for building creative solutions to ongoing problems, to strongly develop in a socio-economic, environmental and cultural way, and to take the leadership to achieve enduring results. We focus on supporting and encouraging rural communities to identify their specific needs and to make use of promising development initiatives to carry out projects that aim to improve their lives.


Based on participatory action research, participatory learning and action, and project results, on the one hand, we aim at elaborating policy recommendations to foster the participation of local governments to tackle problems that weight down the development of communities. On the other hand, we share our success building capacities, experiences and projects results for sustainable development in a well-integrated platform for exchange and dissemination of knowledge in the frame of Engage, Learn, Build, Investigate, Share (ELBIS) as our core conviction.

Overall, for building resilient sustainable communities, inside of our framework we take into consideration and respect the culture and traditional values of communities.