Planet Paprika Project (PPP)

Solar dryers installation for agricultural production


Rural regions of Peru don't have much support from the government to develop themselves. Small producers sell their harvest at a too cheap price to distributors and have a poor standard of living. Moreover, some productions like apple are not very well exploited and there is a lot of loss because of bad preservation methods.


Solar dryer’s installation aims at drying products in good sanitary conditions without paying energy in order to preserve them better; on the other hand, it gives an added value to the raw product in order to sell it more expensive. Thus, it is a good tool to help farmers increase their benefits and improve their standard of living.


After having tested a first prototype at my home place in Normandy, France, I arrived in Lima, Peru's capital. First I went to the Catholic University (PUCP), in order to get used to the country, where I worked with the Grupo organization who makes projects of sustainable development in rural sectors of Peru.


Then I found a contact in South of Peru and went there to build a first prototype of solar dryer. From January to March, it is a rainy season, which is not helpful for drying. This is why we only started to build 4 real size solar dryers with producers in April. Each dryer was installed in one of the four villages of the community.


Project resume
Planet Paprika Proyect - Solar dryers in
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Introducción del proyecto a los agricultores involucrados
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Tasks for the project
Tasks for the oregano solar dryer projec
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